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Seventeen years experience in various approaches - Coaching & Training using Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Metaphors of Movement, Emotional Freedom Techniques. Dave has resourced thousands of hours of transformational conversations to develop his own models of change. He has studied the human experience and discovered ways to disable that which is unhelpful and enable that which supports a person's growth and evolution. No issue is too tough, and his approach is humorous but clear-cut.

Meet Dave -

Nine years as an NLP practitioner, with the last four as a qualified NLP master practitioner. First introduced to NLP at the age of sixteen, Aron works to give his clients clarity and confidence in their social dynamics, such as relationships or friendships.
Having been mentored by Dave, Aron has constantly been presented with powerful insights, which have allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between people and their thoughts and emotions. Over the last four years, he has used this knowledge effectively to impact the lives of others.

Meet Aron

Dave had pin pointed where all my problems lay, and touched upon something neither I, nor the multiple past professions I’d seen had ever concerned.
It took a couple of short weeks and my life completely changed. My family and I were in complete shock by how drastically I’d improved.

After the first session I felt very different. I felt real and raw and relieved more than anything. And surprised that he could make so much difference in one hour!!!! That night I slept like a log. To be honest, things had got so bad, the cost was almost irrelevant.  I had spent 2 years doing CBT at half the cost per session but had about 24 sessions!

Dave taught me how to cope effectively and my anxiety and stress levels dropped considerable. I honestly felt a massive relief after these sessions and felt like a new person, something many of my closest friends and family have noticed and commented on too!

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