To Know Yourself Is To Master Your Life
2 Day Personal Development Workshop - 28th-29th March

This 2 day workshop is for people who value their personal development and want to increase their motivation to step with confidence towards the life they desire, while removing self-doubt and procrastination. 

This will be the best choice you have ever made!

Limited to 16 places only

17 years helping people to transform their experience of life has produced
this empowering program, which anyone can understand and follow.
Turn struggles into clarity, turn doubt into self trust, turn thought into action.
Learn to let go and evolve past what ever is 
stopping from being who you want to be.



Come and join us 
in a growing community of like minded individuals. 
Let's support each other and grow together.
Your journey to a new you and a new life starts here.



  • I get overwhelmed by life events and take everything personally.
  • I over think and worry a lot about anything and everything.
  • I feel like I don’t say what I want to say with courage.
  • I let what others think affect me too much.
  • I am sensitive to others and become their emotional dumping ground.
  • I do everything to help others but I leave myself out.


  • I feel like I am dissatisfied by the way things are.
  • I feel disconnected and find it hard to connect with the joy of being fully alive.
  • I keep doing behaviours that I know don’t support me being the best I can be.
  • Every time I try to change I find I sabotage myself and fall back into my old ways.
  • I find myself doubting my choices.


  • I want things to be different but avoid doing the things that would start that process.
  • I lack confidence In my ability to overcome life's obstacles and create the life I want.
  • I dream of what I would like but fail to take the actions needed.
  • I have started my journey but I appear to be stuck at a certain point.
  • I feel like I am at a crossroads and need clarity to choose what next.


Intergrate Our Major Insights

  • These powerful insights are little known and rarely taught.
  • They will change your view of the world - including your view of yourself and of the things you experience in life.
  • Your next moves will be clearly mapped out to match your current understanding, and any blind spots you may have will be revealed and adjusted.
  • Using these insights set yourself free from any struggles or uncomfortable experiences that occur.

I was able to format these insights into a simple, understandable and measurable system. Even though they are simple, they have proved time and time again to bring about the fastest correction of erroneous perceptions in life struggles I have ever seen.

The 'Break Free' Method

  • This newly developed coaching tool allows you to identify negative or unhelpful patterns .
  • Learn to overcome the insecurities and fears that hold you back from action or opportunity.
  • It takes less than half hour to understand basics of this model and begin applying to yourself or others.
  • The 'Break Free' Method allows us to communicate in a fresh and compelling way with the important people in our lives.

Knowing the driving factors that run all human behaviour, in addition to having a universal way to map why people do what they do, is such a powerful step in helping anyone.
This applies as much to you as an individual as it does to helping the people you meet.

We have designed this workshop in a way that you can accurately measure your progress and understanding as you go.
This lets you know clearly where you are, and how close you may be, to the core light bulb moments that transform your character and life.

What others are saying about our courses and workshops

The course was absolutely fantastic the likes of which I have never experienced before. This has been a life changing experience for me. You succeeded in delivering a super, quality course with tremendous energy drive and enthusiasm.

You successfully enabled me and other course participants to address deep seated issues - I am extremely grateful to you.

I really do think that it should be mandatory for everyone to understand these principles, safe in the knowledge that an awareness of what makes us tick is fundamental to our inner peace and happiness.

Dave S.

Having attended a number of Dave's previous courses I was a little dubious as to what more could be added. 

Well I was pleasantly surprised at the journey or insight I gained during this workshop. Particularly the benefit and shared experience of doing it within a group setting.
I'm struggling to find words to explain either the process or the experience, except to say I woke this morning having the best sleep ever and I keep catching myself just being, no thoughts, nothing to do, no stress, a calm feeling, a kind of peace never felt before.

Mike W.

Throughout an invigorating two days, I was drawn deeper into the mysteries of my self-construct, a fabrication with which I'd lived from day one. 
I was shown how I'd identified myself with it's most painful aspects, and was led to a broader understanding of the underlying, undamaged entity.
As I sat there listening to Dave and allowing the ideas to meld, a realisation emerged and I felt a sublime transformation in my mind. 
A great deal seemed to shift, my mind quietened, a little emotion was dispelled and a peace was found which still hasn't left me.

Simon D.

Dave is as mad as a March hare; totally infectious and probably the most straight talking person I’ve ever met. His knowledge is immense, his enthusiasm infectious and his ability to explain even complex issues in a simplistic way is a gift.  The course was packed to the rafters with information and Dave delivers it in a way which often left us all in fits of hysterical laughter which Dave assured us was ok as it “stretches” our minds.
I am now confident in meeting people and confident in my ability to connect with them. I am calmer at home, I have a clear vision of where I want to go, what I want to do and how to get there.
 I have confidence to face the future safe in the knowledge that I am “more than I think I am”.

 Alison D.

If you asked yourself these questions, how would you answer?

  • Am I okay with not pushing myself to reach my full potential?
  • Am I okay with innocently suffering when negative experiences happen?
  • Am I okay with repeating negative patterns and behaviours?
  • Am I okay with not valuing myself?
  • Am I okay with not living an inspired life?

Of course no one answers that they are okay with these things being present in their day to day life.
So maybe ask yourself: what is at stake if I do not take action to change?

WHERE & WHEN - 28th-29th March 2020

Course Times -  9:15 till 5:15  
One Hour break for lunch
Lunch Choices - Bring your own packed lunch or check local restaurants (see map below)
The venue has been chosen to get us away from it all. A peaceful place with loads of space, lovely gardens and away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

CLICK HERE - Venue Details & Map 


We are so convinced that you will get what you want on this workshop that we offer a no risk money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any part of this training just let us know on the morning of the second day and we will refund you the full amount no questions asked.

Investment Cost and Bonus Offers

Cost of workshop £300 - So what's included in the price:

  • BONUS OFFER: One year of free membership worth £144 - this would normally cost you £12 per month
  • BONUS 1- Private Facebook group for ongoing support - ask any questions and get answers fast
  • BONUS 2 - Access to one 40 minute group coaching call every month - value £60 per call 
  • BONUS 3 - Access to all group coaching replays - never miss a group call - value above
  • BONUS 4 - Access to all recordings from our live events - edited important highlights - value £150
  • BONUS 5 - Discount token worth £20 on any 1-2-1 coaching call or session




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